Our Story

Precomp (Singapore) Pte Ltd or known as Precomp founded in 2000 as (E-Step Solution), and incorporated under the Company Act 1965 as a private limited company in 2008. At Precomp, our main activities are focused on offer wide range of Information Technology (IT) products, which includes IT hardware equipment like server, networking products, storage, rack, UPS, spare parts as well as various kind of software from our well known business partners. 

This diversity enables us to offer products that will satisfy the requirements of our clients. Apart from that, we have a team of professional and experienced engineers that offer onsite repair, installation and troubleshooting as well as providing rental services for server, PC and virtual server. In addition, we are specializing in cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for a wide range of enterprise.

We Provides 3S -  Sales, Service & Solution

Troubleshoot problems, improve efficiency, and cut costs, the consultant is there to advise on human capital and can suggest to their client, changes and policies that will slowdown high employee turnover. Whether it’s a small firm with a few partners or a giant corporation with millions of employees, at one time or another, businesses may have used the services of a consultant or a senior consultant. Professional Services team tailors solutions to your unique requirements for